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Annual M. Farhangi Prize

Annual M. Farhangi Prize in Tajikistan

Since 2010, under the auspices of the Tajikistan Academy of Sciences and Payvand Association, this special prize has been awarded every year to a research work found to best promote culture and open-mindedness in Tajikistan.

Winners of the Prize:

2016 – Professors Karomatullo Olimov and Yusufshoh Yaqubov and Mr. Muhamadrahim Karimov

2015 – Professor Parvonkhon Jamshidov


 2014 – Professor Mirzo Mulloahmad


 2013 – Professor Dodikhudo Saymiddinov

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2012 – Professors Hazroti Golof and Amir Shahi

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2011 – Professor Torson

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2010 – Doctors Seleymof, Zahedof, Hasonof and Gheyosof

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